Do I need to have a certain eligibility to register for a course?

  • No. There is no specific eligibility required for any course except for an advance course where you will first have to take a basic course. We give our recommendations based on your profile and functional requirements.

Can I take more than one course at a time?

  • Yes, you can. The courses are online and asynchronous and do not require you to log in at specific hours; hence, the flexibility.

Is there a particular order in which I should take the courses?

  • No, you can take them in any order. We suggest some courses depending on the pre assessment test that you take with us. This will analyze your skill gaps and we will then recommend an online course from our catalogue for the learning you need the most.

How do I know where I stand and what I need?

  • We help you to analyze your gaps and also assess your needs based on them. We then recommend a suitable course for you to take.

Are there any hardware software requirements to take this course?

  • The courses run best on Mozilla Firefox and Chrome. In your browser settings you will have to enable cookies and Java Script.

I have a tight work schedule, yet I want to do this course. Can I do it?

  • Yes. These courses are run on a Learning Management Platform which gives you an option of taking the course whenever and wherever you want to. The courses integrate well into your busy schedules and can be taken at the time convenient to you. They are flexible asynchronous online courses.

 Do I get any downloadable material as a take away from my course?

  • Yes. At the end of each course you get industry relevant and well researched content which you can save away to refer to another day