About Us

Concourse is your one stop shop for online courses aimed at academic excellence and professional success. 

Concourse offers flexible, customized, and personalized online courses in English Writing, Statistics, and Mathematics.

Our online courses give you the flexibility you need to learn in your own space and time and at your own pace.

Personalized instruction in all our Courses ensures that you are mentored and guided by experts who are as invested in your success as you are.

We customize our courses to cater to your specific needs creating learning pathways most suited for your ability and interests.

All Concourse offerings synergize the flexibility and potential of e-learning with personalized tutor intervention, thus creating a better learner-centric environment.

Driven by the desire to make a difference to how learners learn in an online environment, Concourse uses the best practices of online learning in all its Courses.

Our goal is to provide online learning solutions that integrate excellent learning content with expert instruction to ensure learning outcomes that find applicability in the work place.

With more than a decade of experience in online education aimed at a global audience,

Concourse can be the critical change maker in your career progression. We help you transcend average competency levels and catapult you to higher levels of excellence in your work function. We facilitate a powerful transformation from functional ability to cutting edge excellence in the corporate work place and in academics.

As you move ahead along your career path, we walk with you, matching you step for step in hard work and propelling your progression with smart strategies. Following your dream is our aspiration and making your dream come alive is our success.

Concourse is Synonymous with an Assurance of High Quality, Customized e-Learning   Solutions at Reasonable Cost