Write Track - A Course in Business Writing
Course Description:

Write Track makes you a competent, comfortable, and confident writer.The course content is consistent with the recommendations of ESL (English as a Second Language) programs. The focus is on creating fluency of thought and expression and transforming it into written communication. There is emphasis on grammatical and structural accuracy and an enhancement of the vocabulary required in an international workplace. The instructional material as well as the evaluation strategies find relevance in the learner’s real world context and experiences.

We help you apply the best practices in Business writing across all functions and domain specific learning needs.


Course highlights:


  •  A collaborative learning environment designed to align to your needs.
  •  Learning pathway that adapts to your writing skill acquisition requirements.
  •  Bridge program to facilitate English language learning
  •  Blends instructor feedback with peer learning and self-paced online learning
  •  Quantified evaluation of learning outcomes

Your Gain:

By the end of the course:

  • You will be able to write using the correct forms of grammar and structure
  •  You will be able to write emails, reports, memos, business proposals, and other forms of business writing concisely and clearly
  •  You will be able to expand, contract, and develop an idea into effective writing
  • You will be able to engage into effective business communication and interpersonal interaction.

Course Price: ₹ 8000.00