The Art of Writing Business Emails
Course Description:

Today, the corporate world is engaged in an exchange of digital communication like never before. As a stakeholder in your Organization’s success, it is very essential for you to be skilled in conducting meaningful conversations within and outside your organization as a means of fulfilling its business objectives. 

An Email communication is meaningful only if the messages you send communicate what you intended to say, allow readers to respond the way you meant them to, and facilitate inter personal interaction.

In The Art of Writing Business Emails, we integrate the best practices of business communication into an interactive and engaging module which enables you to write mails effectively to Colleagues, Clients, Customers, Suppliers, Managers and Subordinates.


Course highlights:

  • The fundamentals of Email writing - structuring, composing and responding to emails
  • Pre-test to assess your learning needs and post test to measure the learning outcome
  • Discussion Forum Board for peer and instructor interactions
  • Personalized learning through one-on-one feedback by an expert instructor
  • ABridge Program that plugs learning gaps in English Grammar and Structure
  • Content that is customized to suit your work function

Your Gains:

At the end of the course:

  •  You will be able to use emails to conduct effective professional communication within and outside your work organizations.
  •  You will be able to structure mails correctly and effectively
  •  You will be able to compose content for initiation or response to communication
  •  You will be able to employ correct business etiquette and language in your communication

Course Price: ₹ 2000.00