28-Oct-2014 By Concourse Team

Are writers born? Are they bred? It’s probably a mix of both, and when inborn talent meets perseveringly acquired skill, exquisite expression creates magic on paper.

Language use has four elements: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Of these, writing is the most evolved, although, honestly, you couldn’t have any one of the four ignored without impacting the acquisition of the other three. The natural and logical order of progression is this way: Learners have a natural propensity to acquire a language by listening followed by speaking (that’s how the mother tongue is so effortlessly acquired!) which is followed by reading which, in turn, dovetails snugly into writing.

I would say that listening and reading are the means of acquiring a language while speaking and writing are the communicative manifestations of that acquisition.

Language teachers need to teach learners how to listen and read. They would be more proficient speakers

13-Nov-2014 By Concourse Team

It was just a normal Thursday afternoon, and for once, I had been a good Mom. Done with cooking, done with cleaning, and yes, done with the gym too. Phew, today was an 'on-time' day. I wasn't very late when I went to pick up Swanand from his pre-school at 1.20 pm. Usually, he comes up to me coyly when the attendant calls his name, gives me a quick peck on the cheek, and then we don't talk much during the short ride home. Well, it's just like that. But today was different. As soon as he climbed up and stood in front of me on the Scooty (I absolutely love this stage, and I groaned as he was growing tall and would soon need to take the 'double-seat'), I knew he wanted to share something. Excitement gleaming in his eyes, he showed me a closed little fist. I gestured with my head, asking what it was. 'Secret Mamma'!! His voice was an octave of excitement and pride. 'Chocolate? Rhea's birthday?' I played on. But the secret refused to revea